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TitleA study on teaching development of CKC Chinese Input System (Text in Simplified Chinese)
Author(s)Prof. Tse Shek Kam, Dr. Ki Wing Wah, Dr. Shum Shiu Kee, Mark, Lin, Xiaoping
Scope of ResearchInformation Communication Technology in Chinese language education
PublisherGuangdong Higher Education Press
Year of Publication2006


Languages are potential carriers of culture.  As the world increasingly enters an era of information and communication technology, computers have become essential tools in modern life. The ability to write in different language text formats in electronic devices is an important skill, one that is prized by communicators, educators and international trade and commerce personnel.


The book introduces the CKC Chinese Input Method invented by Mr. Chow Chung Kai. The CKC Input System software operates compatibly with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters and was developed by Suzhou University.  Research and practical experience have shown that CKC is both robust and not difficult to master. It has a database with a large store of Chinese words and its input speed is fast. It is a system that is convenient and appeals to people of all ages seeking ways to master Chinese input methods.


The Research Centre for Teaching and Applying CKC System was set up in 2004 by the Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research in the Faculty of Education of The University of Hong Kong. In addition to enlarging the coverage of the CKC system in Southeast China, the Centre also carries out educational research and is concerned with popularizing the application of information technology in the Chinese language. The Centre has conducted much research that combines educational objectives and the use of information technology, including ways of teaching input methods, the relationship between Chinese character input methods and Chinese character learning, children's early reading and writing via information technology and assistance for children who have difficulty in reading and writing. The publication of this book is a major achievement and offers solid evidence of developments in computer education in the Chinese language.

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