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Studies of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language to Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: Theories, Challenges, and Practices


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Cultural learning materials

Cultural learning materials

Seminar on “How CKC Chinese Input System Enhances Learning and Language Abilities”

  1. Can kindergarten students learn Chinese input method?
  2. Can students with special needs learn to use computers?
  3. Can expatriate students learn Chinese input method?
  4. It is difficult to learn Chinese input method which hinders Hong Kong students to use IT by using Chinese.
The “Seminar on How CKC Chinese Input System Enhances Learning and Language Abilities” can give you an answer for the questions above, the details are:

   March 8, 2008
  9:30am to 12:30pm
  Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Activities include:

  1. CKC input demonstration by kindergarten students, students with special needs and expatriate kids
  2. Sharing session on school-based teaching and learning of CKC
  3. Brief introduction on the current research projects of CKC Chinese Input System
  4. Introduction of the latest Research & Development of CKC Chinese Input system

CKC Chinese Input System (CKCCIS), the core technology of “CKC information technology learning environment”, is invented by Mr. Chow Chung Kai, a Hong Kong entrepreneur since 1984. From 1992, he started to collaborate with the CKC Institute of Chinese Information Technology, Soochow University for the development of the CKCCIS.

CKCCIS was awarded the 2nd Prize for Jiangsu Excellent Software by Jiangsu Science & Technology Committee and the 1st Prize for Scientific and Technology Advancement by Jiangsu Education Committee in March and December 1996 respectively. The increasing popularization of the CKCCIS, and the encouraging feedbacks from teachers and students in Hong Kong as well as the Mainland have proved that CKCCIS is powerful and easy to learn. It compatibly operates with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. With a database consisting of large storage of Chinese vocabulary, its input speed could be very fast. In short, it brings much convenience for people of all age (children, students, adults, elders and people with disabilities) who wish to master Chinese input method easily.

Over 250 participants from 13 schools attended the seminar.

Students demonstrated the speed of using the phrase-input function of CKC System to input Chinese characters.

As CKC system is quick-to-master with various user-friendly functions, it can be well incorporated into the Chinese Language teaching for students with special needs. The Centre was pleased to have the opportunity to work with staff in the Salvation Army Shek Wu School to design a school-based Chinese Language curriculum. Methods, which also included the learning of CKC Chinese input system, were specially devised to improve the learning of Chinese Language by students with mild mental disability, autism, Down’s syndrome and other learning difficulties. The demonstration of six students from the said school was part of the outcomes of this research.

Students from primary and secondary schools were demonstrating how to use the newly developed function under CKC system which provides pictures and interface to inspire students writing Chinese compositions.

Not only primary level, even kindergarten students are able to master the technique of CKC system and enter Chinese characters. Teachers from Mainland China (Shenzheng Luohu District Kindergarten) demonstrated how CKC system could be creatively incorporated into a Chinese lesson.

Students who are coming from Kiangsu & Chekiang School (International Section) demonstrated their skillful technique of entering Chinese characters by using CKC system.

Souvenirs were presented to participating students.
Participating Schools
  1. Kiangsu - Chekiang College (Kwai Chung)
  2. Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School
  3. Kiangsu & Chekiang School (Kindergarten Section)
  4. Kiangsu & Chekiang School (International Section)
  5. Kiangsu-Chekiang College
  6. Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin)
  7. King Ling College
  8. Salvation Army Shek Wu School
  9. Shenzheng Luohu District Kindergarten
  10. Yan Chai Hospital Ho Sik Nam Primary School
  11. Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School (A.M.)
  12. Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School (P.M.)
  13. Yan Chai Hospital No 2 Secondary School

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